Suppose you have wi-fi music all over your home: a keypad that is wall-mounted and invisible in the wall and speakers from the ceiling. This type of sound systems is found in the homes of multimillionaires and the dreams of average people. But this is what we are wrong about. We can all do it in our homes too with the help of bang and olufsen installation.

A whole house audio and video system is a centralized system of audio/video through which your whole home can get signals of video and audio. Each one of your homes will have only TV screens and speakers. The control will be in on remote or smartphones, and the centralized components can be kept hidden in a closet or mounted in your living room. Even you can have Bluetooth or VCD players located in each room for displaying or listening from all the rooms or on a particular room.

Multiroom Single Amplifier/Receiver Driving

This is the lowest cost method as well as the simplest. Single amplifier or receiver’s output is split between several rooms. All the rooms will receive the same music. To adjust to your listening levels, volume controls will be situated in every room, or you can use the centralized volume control. An impedance matching system has to be used if you are splitting the music in between two or more speakers. Infrared Distribution system can also be added to control the master volume and the source.

Multiple Amplifier/Receiver

For listening or viewing different things in different rooms multiple amplifier/receiver is required. For each listening or viewing, you require one amplifier/receiver.

Multiple Zone Amplifier Systems

When you buy a high-end amplifier/receiver, you are going to get a second discrete amplifier build-in it for a second zone. If you need to use it in two zones, this is a cost-effective method.

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