If you want to avoid the hassles when paying your bills, doxoPAY is your solution. It is a bill payment service network that will allow the users to pay all their bills from just one login from any device; maybe it’s a tablet, a mobile, a desktop, etc. Consumers have the choice to when they want to pay or how they want to pay.

An average American household has 12 accounts, and you add all those service providers in your doxoPAY, as most of the service providers are partnered with doxo, and those who aren’t, doxo is working to bring them in.

You can also get information from each company with the help of doxo. The pages of the biller network have information about the contact, bill payment details and link of the website, and you are going to have all these things just from one site. So, you won’t need to Google or check on your paper statements to pay your billers. With one login, you get all the information you need.

The Method of Payments Given to the Billers

Truex Payments, Inc. allows doxo to make the payments on behalf of customers directly to the provider’s system. You should be a Connect Provider of doxo; it means that you are integrated into the doxo network.

If you are not a Connect Provider, your payment is delivered using the most efficient and reliable method, such as electronic payment or check.

How do my company get listed in the doxo network?

The information of service providers is crowdsourced, and they are all maintained by the users of doxo. Every day new users join dexo. The businesses listed in the doxo has at least one doxo user, and this can go as much as thousands and probably more.

When a new company is added on the doxo network, their information is verified from various sources, and then details are added on the page, and then the page is published for the doxo users to find it easily.

On what device doxo can be used?

You can use doxo in your desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. In mobile, you can use doxo on both iOS as well as Android devices.

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