Some companies will never repair their hard drive as they carry sensitive data. When you are handing your computer to a repairer, you need to make sure that your sensitive data are safe, and they remain safe. You can secure our data in some ways, but you first have to plan before you hand over your hard drive to a hard drive repair company.

Security Physically

When you had over your computer to any repairer, this is violating computer security. If your computer isn’t physically secured, how can it be secured? Not only repairer, but this also holds true for anyone to whom you are handing over your computer. It’s all about trust. In a perfect world, it would have made no issue as a technician working with your computer is trustworthy. But in this world, there are millions of data stolen every day from computers.

Make a Strategy Beforehand: Encrypt

The only totally protected option to secure a hard disk is to encrypt your data or the delicate information you save on it.

Currently, you could go with whole-disk encryption, yet the trouble below is that the specialist could still require access to it to repair your device, suggesting you’ll need to share the decryption key so that s/he can boot the system. After doing so, the technology will certainly have accessibility to every little thing inside the disk

The even more functional service to protect a hard drive would certainly be to secure just your sensitive information.

When your information is not available with the technician, it remains encrypted; your technicians can work with your device without having the ability to access your delicate details.

There isn’t truly any type of last-minute tricks. You have to encrypt prior to sending out your computer for fixing, yet if your hard disk is so busted that you cannot access them, then you’re stuck.

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