Today HDMI cables can connect with the modern TVs with AV receivers, media players, cable boxes etc. They send audio and video over the same cable. Selecting the ideal HDMI cables is a daunting task. The latest ones can support 4k TV and HDR. This article highlights the advantages of using HDMI.

  • It provides single-cable convenience, plus so much more

The feature to send HD Videos and multichannel audio over a single cable is a specialty of 4k hdmi cables at However, it interfaces offers much more.

  • It displays amazing picture and sound quality

The HDMI connections tend to keep the audio and video signals in the digital signals of binary forms that gets rid of the affected picture and sound quality caused by digital to analog conversions and reconversions. HDMI supports till 4K and sounds for up ti 8 channels of high quality 24 bit/192 kHz audio.

  • It can carry 3D video with ease

HDMI is the sole connection that can handle 3D video signals from parts such as a 3d blu-ray player to your 3d compatible TV or projector.

  • HDMI is just more than audio and video

A typical and standard HDMI connector comes with 19 pins, which can bear audio, video as well as the 2 way control and identification info and the low voltage power too. HDMI cables which are labeled 1.4 or newer can also carry internet connection between the devices which are compatible.

  • It provides industrial-strength copyright protection

This is more of an advantage for content owners such as movie studios than for the customers, but it affects the quality and the quality of whatever we watch by direct means.

The wide use and availability of HDMI is because of the Hollywood’s demands for stringent copy protection measures to avoid the piracy. HDCP is present on all HDMI devices even though it is not an official part of the HDMI. Without HDCP. HDMI’s wide adoption is due in large part to Hollywood’s demands for ever-stronger copy protection measures to prevent piracy. HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is present on virtually all HDMI-equipped devices even though it’s not officially part of the HDMI spec. Without HDCP, both the HD quality and quality becomes restrictive. The latest version of HDCP is 2.2.

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